Lusignana: Shopping & Eating



Local food shops and other facilities (post office, launderette, bars etc) can be found in the valley (a 12 minute car ride away).

If you like shopping malls then the Lunigiana is not for you! Italy regulates retail outlets in such a way that traditional, small, family run shops are favoured. This leads to a shopping experience reminiscent of 1950s and 60s Britain.

For where and how to buy the everyday essentials - click here.


Descriptions of the regional food specialities (many of which are based on funghi and chestnuts) may be found here. These include Testaroli (a sort of pancake made from wheat flour, water & salt which is then boiled and cut up into small strips and is usually served with Pesto) and Panigacci - traditional unleavened bread, circular in shape, made from a batter that is cooked in red hot clay dishes over an open fire. They are served as hot crispy pancakes spread with a soft Stracchino cheese or filled with mixed cold meats such as Parma ham, salami etc.


Generally speaking, the Lunigiana region can be relied on for good food at modest prices. Within 15mins drive of the house are at least half a dozen restaurants of one type or another. Some are open only at lunchtime and offer "menu di lavoro" - cheap (10-12euro) three course meals nominally provided for local workers. Very much to be recommended.

Click here for details of the local establishments we have visited.



                            torta d'erbi
La torta d'erbi


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